3 Easy ways to sell on Instagram without spending any money

Instagram is all about how you do what you do. Being majorly about photos, Instagram started as a social media application for people to post and comment on pictures. With the brain of Facebook’s top most employees, Instagram inched towards something bigger and better, possibly overtaking every expectation: Visibility.

Instagram gained visibility among people of age groups, and thus turned into the inevitable, an app which boosts business of all kinds. Whether it is a tractor, make up or a hijab, instagram has proven to boost sales for companies. Now, you must have seen how people and business owners cash out on getting their product appear on more popular Instagram handles. But what you need to know is that you don’t have to empty your savings, or even spend a dime, to gain visibility for your Brand/Product on instagram.

Here is what you can do to market your company/ product without spending money:

Hashtag It

When you create your business handle, every second you spend on advancing your handle is precious. Time spent incorrectly is time wasted. Thus, before you post anything with your handle, create a hashtag for your company and keep using for every post. This will ensure that you land on the explore section, and if your hashtag becomes famous, it will create a kind of brand for you.

Story it

The Insta story has been ever since its inception. Sure, it was always a great way to let the world know what you are doing, eating, buying, loving, hating and so on. These aside, the stories are absolutely great for business too.

For one, all you have to do is swipe up to buy the product on your story.

Secondly, the Highlights, which lets you keep the important story on your page for as long as you want to. So your customers can just click on a particular highlight on your feed, months after you post the story, and still know about your product!

Thirdly, the story is what people feel a human factor of Instagram is. It gives them a sense of emotion attached to your product, and thus peaks their interest. This in turn leads to your potential customers inquiring about the product via direct message and so on.

The Follow:

You know those cool big brands that basically don’t follow anyone but have everyone following them? People make a large mistake of trying to copy those brands as soon as they launch their brand. You need to follow the right people, the right Brands in the beginning in order to gain visibility for your brand. This will prove to be helpful in the long run, and while you grow, so will the others. Thus, even if you want your brand to appear in another handle, you don’t have to search for someone to take your product in. There will be plenty of others whom you have grown with.