How to stand out on Social Media

With Brands riding high on social media, creating their own apps and building a formidable digital presence, it is safe to say that standing out is all but easy.

With the crowd in social media increasing rapidly, it is very difficult to cut through and past every other company out there and create your own mark.

Here are some ways through which you can guarantee that your Brand will stand out and also increase visibility for your brand:

Let your Brand speak:

This point is direct, but crucial. It is perhaps the most important and primary step that you need to take. Once you establish your brand, taking it out there is not difficult if you let your brand speak for itself. Build on your brand and let it grow.

Work hard on every aspect concerning your brand, such as its perception, the content strategy and the design how it will help the customer. Focus on pleasing the customers simply by talking about the brand.

Securing a perfect voice for your Brand could significantly prove to be difficult, especially when done without understanding the need. But trust us, in time, it will help you stand out from the competition, and consequently attract plenty of customers to your channels and thus you will stand out on social media.

The Visual Factor:

To be honest, customers rely entirely on what they see on your social profile pages. Very rarely do they research and read into it. It is all in the aesthetic appeal of your account, and the whole visual factor weighs in heavily here.

Creativity in always appreciated. For example, using the grid feed on Instagram is encouraged. But what has been started must be completed. We have seen many brands start with a grid, and let it go incomplete.


What is the second thing they see after the visuals? The captions. The word. That’s right, though captions aren’t as significant in making a sale as the visuals, they do have a large role. They communicate to the customers what your Brand is actually about.

Use wordplay for your captions. Captivate customers with the right content.


Hashtags create a instant wave around your Brand. Create a couple of your own hashtags syncing with your brand name, and use those for everything you post.

Use generic and non-generic hashtags. These will lead to your Brand reaching other people’s explore.

Never forget, time and investment in your Brand will inevitably lead to visibility.