Instagram is all about how you do what you do. Being majorly about photos, Instagram started as a social media application for people to post and comment on pictures. With the brain of Facebook’s top most employees, Instagram inched towards something bigger and better, possibly overtaking every expectation: Visibility. Instagram gained visibility among people of age groups, and thus turned into the inevitable, an app which boosts business of all kinds. Whether it is a
With Brands riding high on social media, creating their own apps and building a formidable digital presence, it is safe to say that standing out is all but easy. With the crowd in social media increasing rapidly, it is very difficult to cut through and past every other company out there and create your own mark. Here are some ways through which you can guarantee that your Brand will stand out and also increase visibility
The world has evolved significantly over the past few years. People are embracing technology more than ever. With everyone glued to a mobile or a laptop at all times, the amount of digital content that we are devouring on a daily basis is rapidly increasing. Essentially, it is important to stay updated with the times. Investing in Newspaper and television Ads don’t matter as much as it did earlier.With the advent of apps to watch